Sunday 28 March - 10am

For all the complexities of life, some simple questions can help us gain insight into where we stand spiritually: Do we want God’s help, or not? Do we want forgiveness from God, or not? Do we want God to help us to live well, or are we doing just fine on our own? The way we answer such spiritual questions will show itself in the ways we think, speak, and act in our everyday lives.

This Sunday we will hear a reading from the Bible that talks about the help that God gives – especially the help that God gives in forgiving our sins and protecting us from the assaults of evil. As we think through what this means, we will consider how God frees us to welcome him into our lives, and to share his mercy and peace with others.

This Sunday we will meet at 10am for a service with Holy Communion. We will be celebrating baptisms, a first communion, and a welcome into membership as part of the service.

God’s blessing to you all,

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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