Holy Week Service Times and Message

Tuesday 30 March 7:30pm Psalms and Darkness

Thursday 1 April 7:30pm Maundy Thursday

Friday 2 April 9am Good Friday

Sunday 4 April 9am Easter Sunday – Note end of daylight savings

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

These simple words sum up the message of Easter.

In a world where death can seem to have the final word, Jesus lives. And because Jesus lives, human beings can live with hope – a hope that not even death can destroy.

For the last two millennia Christian people have been proclaiming the message of Easter. We have been making the claim that although Jesus died, his tomb is empty – and we have been inviting all people to test the historical evidence for this claim.

But more than this, for the last two millennia Christian people have been handing on the promise that God freely offers his mercy and forgiveness in Jesus. We have been inviting all people to share in the gifts that God has made available through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Christians today experience the power of the Easter message: as we receive the gift of forgiveness; as we trust that we our future is secure in God; as we grow in understanding that all people are important to God, we experience the joy and peace that comes from the fact that nothing - not even death - can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Our prayer this Easter is that God will bless all the people of Bendigo with peace as they relax and celebrate over these festive days.

God’s blessing to you all!

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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