For Thursday the 1st of May - 7:30p.m.

Today many churches are celebrating the festival of the Ascension. This festival celebrates the way that Jesus lives and reigns over all that there is as a human being and yet also as God.


The reality of Jesus’ reign as both God and a human being is deeply mysterious, and can seem preposterous until we consider our own experience as human beings in this world. Not only can we human beings comprehend in our minds the vastness of the universe, we can also experience a deep desire for joy that transcends earthly realities- that transcends even death. These sorts of experiences can open us to hearing the teaching that through Jesus we are called to share in the life of God.


This evening we will be meeting at 7:30pm to celebrate Jesus’ Ascension. We will also be meeting this Sunday at 9:00am for a service with Holy Communion.


God’s peace to you,


Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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