For Sunday the 13th of April - 10:00am

The name that we have is an important part of who we are. We are instinctively tuned in to hear our name when it is spoken, and we rightly want others to associate good things with our name. If people react with disgust or anger when they hear our name, we want to put things right, and to make sure that our name carries with it our good reputation.


This Sunday we will be hearing one of the famous prayers from the Bible – Psalm 23. In this prayer the Lord is pictured as a good shepherd, who does good things for his people in order that his name may be honoured. As we reflect on this prayer, we will consider what the Lord’s name means, and why it is important to God that all people understand that he is slow to anger, and that he willingly shows unwavering love for those who honour him.


This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00am for a service with Holy Communion. We will also be welcoming a new member into our church family through holy baptism.


God’s peace to you,


Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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