For Sunday the 26th of November

This Sunday we are celebrating a festival called ‘Christ the King’. This festival only began being celebrated toward the beginning of the Twentieth Century, just at the time when totalitarian governments were making an impact on Europe and the world. One reason Christians celebrate Christ the King is because it reminds us that no merely human authority can make a total claim on our lives.

This Sunday we will be hearing readings from the Bible that show how Jesus’ kingdom is different from worldly kingdoms. We will be hearing how Jesus’ kingdom is based on his love for us – a love that was willing to undergo sacrifice. We will also be hearing how Jesus grows his kingdom through the message of God’s mercy toward all people.

This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00am for a service with communion. The Sunday School, which is having its first practice for the Christmas service, will be meeting at about 10:45am.

God’s peace,


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