For Sunday the 12th of November

This Sunday we will be listening to a story from the Bible that deals with life during a drought. The story focuses on the fate of two vulnerable people – a widow and her young son - who suffer because of the drought, and who are at the point of despair. God saves these people, but not in ways that we would expect. He calls them to trust that he will provide for them, and he brings them hope as they serve God’s prophet, Elijah.

This story of drought and God’s provision for his people is very sophisticated, and is a call for those who listen with trust to understand the way God brings good out of evil; and the way God brings plenty when there is need. On Sunday we will be thinking about the way we live through times of drought, and that way that the Bible gives us encouragement to turn to God for all that we need, including the very basics of life; including rain.

This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00am for a service with communion. Our church picnic will follow the service.

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