For Sunday the 25th of October - 10:00 am Reformation Day and Church Shared Meal

It’s one thing to know about God, it’s another to know God. Although anyone can know something about God by considering nature, reading books, and talking with other people, it’s only possible to know God coming into a close relationship with him.

This Sunday we will be hearing a reading from the Bible that talks about knowing God. As we think through this reading, we will consider how God leads us to know him by forgiving our sins. We will consider how we come into a close relationship with God primarily by trusting that in Christ Jesus we have God’s mercy, grace, and peace.

This Sunday we will meet at 10:00am for a service with Holy Communion. We will be celebrating the way that God constantly reforms the church by giving people the gift of faith. This Sunday there will be a shared meal after the church service.

God’s blessings to you,

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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