For Sunday the 9th of November - 10:00am

Bendigo Lutheran Church


Human beings have, throughout history, been tempted to think that religiosity and spirituality are in themselves pleasing to God. In reality there’s a great degree of self-delusion in cultivating spirituality while we treat other people with contempt; or in cultivating religiosity while we act set up institutions that are built on injustice.


This Sunday we will be hearing a reading from the Bible that calls God’s people to acknowledge their self-delusion, and to turn from contemptuous and unjust behavior. As we think through this reading, we will consider how God shares his own justice with us, so that we may behave justly towards others.


This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00am for a service with Holy Communion. The Sunday school will meet at about 10:45am.


God’s peace to you,


Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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