For Sunday the 29th of June - 9:00 am

In life it is often very easy to settle for second best, or less. Especially when we think that our hopes are unrealistic, then we can be tempted to take opportunities for second- rate happiness as they present themselves. The problem is that when we go down this path we can start to feel unhappy with the kind of people we become – especially if start doing things that we know are wrong in order to grab some apparent joy in life.


This Sunday we will be hearing a reading from the Bible about the choices that we have in life. As we reflect on the reading, we will think through the way that God encourages us to have high hopes for our lives, and to trust that in Christ we will freely receive what will give us lasting joy. We will think through the way that God frees us to love ourselves and others, and so to find that our high hopes are never disappointed.


This Sunday we meet for a service with Holy Communion at 9:00am. Our Sunday school is in recess over the holidays.


God’s peace to you,


Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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