For Sunday the 16th of December - 9:00am

This Sunday we will be having our children’s Christmas presentation. In this presentation we will hear the Christmas story from the Bible, and we’ll see the children dressed up to take their different roles as they act out the story.

One of the messages from the Christmas story that we will be focusing on is the message of patience. God’s people before Jesus was born were patiently waiting for the birth of one who would bring God’s justice into the world. With Jesus’ birth, God showed his justice by giving all people access to his mercy, forgiveness, and peace. As we receive all that Jesus has to give us, we patiently wait for God to grow his love and joy in our own lives.

This Sunday our special Children’s Christmas presentation service is at 9:00am. It will also be a service with Holy Communion.

God’s peace to you,

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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