For Sunday the 16th of September - 9:00am

One of the chief responsibilities of Christian people is to pray to God on behalf of others. Every Sunday, we Christians gather together in worship, bring our requests to God, and remember in prayer especially those who are sick, or suffering from injustice, or who have special responsibilities that require wisdom and courage. This sort of prayer is called ‘intercession’, and is at the heart of the church’s priestly duty.

This Sunday we will be hearing a reading from the Bible that describes Moses’ interceding before God on behalf of the people of Israel. We will be hearing how Moses held God to his promises, so that God relented from punishing his people. As we think about this reading, we’ll consider what encouragement it gives us in our own role as intercessors.

This Sunday we will be meeting at 9:00am for a service with Holy Communion. The Sunday school will meet at about 9:45am.

God’s peace to you,

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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