For Sunday the 25th of February - 10:00am

This week we will be hearing one of the most powerful promises that the Bible makes: ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved’. This is a universal promise that God makes to every person, and it’s a promise that shows how gracious, merciful; and compassionate God is.

This promise is very important for us to hear because we sometimes do things that we know are wrong. Maybe in moments of weakness we say hurtful things to people that we love, or we selfishly keep for ourselves things we should share, or we break trust with people who are relying on us. In these situations we may experience God’s disapproval, and we may fear being honest with God about our behaviour. But in these situations we are also free to trust that in Christ Jesus, who was tempted but never sinned, we have access to God’s grace and peace.

This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00am for a service with Holy Communion. The Sunday school will meet at about 10:45am

God’s peace,

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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