For the 28th of January

As Christians we believe and teach that God freely saves people from the bitterness, the hate, and the misery that leads to unending death. But we also believe that God saves people for incorporation into a new community that is based on love. In fact God gives individual people the gift of faith so that they may begin life in a new community– a community that is transformed by the love of Christ.

This Sunday we will be hearing from the Bible about this love. We will be hearing about what this love is: that this love is patient and kind, that this love rejoices in what is right, and that this love is eternal. We will also hear about what this love isn’t: that this love isn’t jealous or boastful or arrogant or rude. Most importantly we will be hearing about how God gives us this love as a gift, and how we experience this love in our day to day lives.

This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00am to listen to God’s Word, to bring our thanks and praise to God, and to receive God’s love in the Lord’s Supper.

God’s peace to you,

Fraser Pearce, Pastor

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